This Flying Space Turtle was found near the Ring of Saturn.          

Flying Space Turtles (Volatilis Tractus Disambiguation) are cold-blooded animals. Flying Space Turtles are omnivores, meaning they eat meat and vegetation. They often travel alone unless it is mating season, then they sing the international mating call that sounds like snapping.

Flying Space Turtles are very rare animals. In the presence of a FST, you never panic. They will attack at any time without you knowing it. Sometimes, if there are babies around, the father of the liter will attack from behind. FSTs have very sharp teeth and can penetrate pretty much any surface. When in danger, FSTs will call for backup, but very rarely another will come to the aid of a turtle in need. The only reason that another turtle will come is if a baby or female calls for a strong male. The male will usually come if that is the case. Baby FSTs are pretty much helpless because of their soft, bright orange shell, small body, and toothless mouth.